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ALECHINSKY, prints, lithograhs, etchings  
Here are the prints handsigned (lithographs, etchings or engravings) by Pierre Alechinsky that are presently for sale. Click on the image to enlarge it and see the description of the print. Unless otherwise specified all the prints shown on this page are signed by Alechinsky and are original.

Prints available by ALECHINSKY

ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-roue-jante
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-a-sete
ALECHINSKY : traversees-alechinsky-book
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-volturno-3-lithograph
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-volturno-2-lithograph
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-volturno-1-lithograph
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-swann-book
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-oeil-book
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-roue-libre
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-vie-tourne
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-vie-book2
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-frenaud-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-or-book
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-etching-layetier
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-fil-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-papiers-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-astres-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-arbre-lithograph
ALECHINSKY : Alechinsky-bachelard-lithograph
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-violoncelles-lithograph
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-cello-lithograph
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-hoirie-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-cuartilla-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-tables-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-encreur-lithograph
ALECHINSKY : encriers-etching-alechinsky
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-idem-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-solaire-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-energie-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-nonnes-book
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-taches-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-tireurs-book
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-trilingue-gravure
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-etching-princeau
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-cadeau
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-etching-cadeau
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-cadeau-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-ouverture-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-encriers-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-lithographie-volturno-III
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-lithograph-volturno-II
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-lithograph-volturno-I
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-cagouilles-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-kenan-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-carte-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-lot-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-speculos-lithograph
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-yeux-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-dlm-247-deluxe
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-rideau-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-ensor-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-tarbes-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-si-pres-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-cent-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-conversations-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-poesie-book
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-planete-book
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-pinceau-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-arbre-3
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-arbre-2
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-arbre-1
ALECHINSKY : voirie, etching
ALECHINSKY : Tables reservees 3
ALECHINSKY : Graffiti selenite, etching
ALECHINSKY : Tables, etching
ALECHINSKY : Tables reservees 1, etching
ALECHINSKY : Eleonora garden, aquatint

ALECHINSKY, short biography

Pierre Alechinsky was born in Brussels in 1927. As from 1944, he attended the classes at the Brussels Higher School of Architecture Applied Arts. In 1949, Alechinsky met Christian Dotremont, he joined the Cobra group with Karel Appel and Asger Jorn. In the early fifties, Alechinsky began to study prints (etching and engraving) with Stanley William Hayter at the studio 17. Alechinsky also learnt Japanese Calligraphy and made a film about it in 1952. Alechinsky became friends with Giacometti, Bram van Velde, Victor Brauner and Wallace Ting. In 1955, Alechinsky held his first big exhibition at the Brussel Palais des Beaux Arts ; three years later his work was shown at the Contemporary Arts Institute in London. In the sixties the Lefebre Gallery in New York and the Galerie de France in Paris regularly showed Alechinsky's painting as well as his prints, lithographs or etchings. Numerous exhibitions of his work were held in the U.S. and in Holland. In 1969, the Brussels Palais des Beaux Arts held a big retrospective show of his work (paintings, prints), followed by the Louisiana Museum in Denmark, the Düsseldorf Kunstverein, and the Kunsthalle in Bremen.
At the 1972 Venice Biennale, Alechinsky with Dotremont represented Belgium, and several Alechinsky exhibitions were held throughout the world (Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, the U.S., Canada, Holland, Mexico). From 1983 to 1987, he taught painting at the Paris Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts.
Alechinsky uses seasoned paper for his drawings and watercolours, also extending this practice for his prints, lithographs, etchings or engravings.
Writer as well as painter, Alechinsky has published numerous books : "titres et pains perdus" (Denoël 1965), "L'autre main" (Fata Morgana, 1988), "Lettre suit" (Gallimard 1992), "Balluchons et ricochets" (Gallimard 1994), "Rue de la verrerie" (l'Echoppe, 1997), "Le pinceau voyageur" (Gallimard 2002), "Des deux mains" (Mercure de France, 2004).
Alechinsky has explored all the techniques of print : etchings, engravings and lithographs and numerous shows have displayed his prints : large-scale etchings, multicoloured lithographs, engravings including impressed items of urban furniture, coloured aquatints. Among the different types of paper Alechinsky uses for his prints are legal forms and documents, invoice sheets, antique registers. Alechinsky is also a book illustrator, usually employing etching or aquatint to illustrate the works of such contemporary writers and poets as Cioran, Cingria, Yves Bonnefoy, Michel Butor, André Frénaud, Jean Tardieu etc. Alechinsky presently lives and works in Paris.

Alechinsky, catalogue raisonne.

Pierre Alechinsky, the prints Pierre Alechinsky, the prints
This catalogue raisonne for Pierre Alechinsky cover the period 1946 to 1972, so it is not complete for the whole graphics work of Alechinsky. More than 600 original prints are reproduced here : lithographs, etchings, woodcuts, posters, linocuts and all the prints that Alechinsky made for illustrated books. This catalogue had been made and published by Yves Rivière.


"Of course, when one is faced with a canvas, one is no longer alone, and the sense of solitude diminishes. This can be an agreeable passage of time. In fact, solitude then becomes a kind of companion".
Quote by Pierre Alechinsky.

Prints already sold by ALECHINSKY

ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-rougets-book
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-morsure-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-traversees-etching
ALECHINSKY : paon-alechinsky-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-book-odessa
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-flacon-ink
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-cirque-book
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-temps-passe
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-avenir-book
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-volturno-drawing
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-merveilleux-book
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-empereur-book
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-zut-book
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-memoire-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-compte-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-vibrions-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-circuit-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-voirin-lithograph
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-lithograph-serpent
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-diagonale-lithograph
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-nouvelle-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-lento-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-temps-clair
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-delta-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-cerclitude-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-ink-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-grotte-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-lorgnette-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-vue-lithograph
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-panache-lithograph
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-serpent-lithograph
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-composition-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-bois-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-defense-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-plusieurs-etching
ALECHINSKY : etching-alechinsky-vie
ALECHINSKY : vie-alechinsky-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-vie-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-odessa-book
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-chute-lithograph
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-devidoirs-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-paon-print
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-vie-book
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-etching-gille
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-chicanes-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-bleue-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-anthropie-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-layetier-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-soleil-etching
ALECHINSKY : Alechinsky-chambres-book
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-pied-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-devoir-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-motus-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-lithograph-volturno
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-volturno-lithograph
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-luma-engraving
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-dame-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-mer-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-feu-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-quadrature-etching
ALECHINSKY : Alechinsky-miroir-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-lavandou-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-quinzaine-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-sevres-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-fruitier-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-cordilliere-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-bruxelles-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-mots-lithographs
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-temps-lithograph
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-volcan-lithograph
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-extraits-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-ubu-lithograph
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-epreuve-etchings
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-merveilleux-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-invention-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-soins-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-cirque-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-ruine-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-feminin
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-ideotraces-book
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-mains-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-espionne
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-double-vue
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-trilogisme
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-dernier-lithograph
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-sept-etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-etching-hors-normes
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-sept-pages-lithograph
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-papillon-lithograph
ALECHINSKY : ete-de-nuit-book
ALECHINSKY : les tireurs de langue
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-etching
ALECHINSKY : majuscule, etching
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-louisiane-2
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-louisiane
ALECHINSKY : louisiana, lithographs
ALECHINSKY : alechinsky, book
ALECHINSKY : labyrinte, lithograph
ALECHINSKY : ideotraces, lithograph
ALECHINSKY : dame de prusse, print
ALECHINSKY : arbre, etching
ALECHINSKY : Le sens du retour, etching
ALECHINSKY : Outremer, etching
ALECHINSKY : Constante, lithograph
ALECHINSKY : Grain, lithograph
ALECHINSKY : Sous huitaine, etching
ALECHINSKY : Mon voyage en Amerique
ALECHINSKY : Gilles, etching and watercolour
ALECHINSKY : Composition, engraving
ALECHINSKY : Fireman, etching
ALECHINSKY : Sorties des pompiers, etching
ALECHINSKY : Le carnet du chat sauvage, etching
ALECHINSKY : Trilingue, etching
ALECHINSKY : Milano, engraving
ALECHINSKY : Raisin III, engraving
ALECHINSKY : Raisin II, engraving
ALECHINSKY : Raisin I, engraving
ALECHINSKY : Silence, lithograph
ALECHINSKY : Carte muette, etching

Pierre Alechinsky, bibliographical information.

- Alechinsky. Catalogue of an exhibition Pierre Alechinsky in the Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume in Paris in 1998. Texts from Alain Robbe-Grillet (Chemin faisant) and Pierre Daix (Pierre Alechinsky en son époque). Probably the most complete book to discover the paintings, gouaches or inks by the artist.

- Alechinsky, idéotraces. Published by Denoël in 1966, this book reproduced about 100 inks on paper from Pierre Alechinsky who also write the foreword of this book. Edition of the book at 3000 copies, the 100 first are with an original lithograph signed by Alechinsky.

- Alechinsky. Catalogue of an exhibition Pierre Alechinsky in the Art Museum of Paris in 1975, exhibition devoted to the acrylic painting that Alechinsky use because of the freedom he can have with this technic. Text of Jacques Lassaigne, about 100 paintings are here reproduced.

- Frontière et bordures. Catalogue of an exhibition Pierre Alechinsky in the Abbaye of Senanque in 1984. Texts from Michel Butor and Michel Sicard.

- Pierre Alechinsky, centres et marges. Very interesting book about the marginal drawings that Alechinsky add to his paintings, drawings or prints. Dialogue between Michael Gibson and Pierre Alechinsky where the artist explain these additions, notes, subtitles, marginal remarks.

Alechinky has also written several books, you can find some description of some of them and some important catalogues of exhibition while clicking on certain images of prints for sale or already sold.
Alechinsky, idéotraces
Frontières et bordures
Pierre Alechinsky
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