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Here are the original prints (lithograph, etching, original poster or ceramic, illustrated books) by Pablo Picasso that are presently for sale. Click on the image to enlarge it. Unless otherwise specified all the prints shown on this page are signed by Picasso and are original.

Prints available by PICASSO

PICASSO : picasso-femme-linocut
PICASSO : picasso-poeme-etching
PICASSO : picasso-exhibition-poster
PICASSO : picasso-menton-poster
PICASSO : picasso-max-jacob-3
PICASSO : picasso-max-jacob-4
PICASSO : picasso-max-jacob-2
PICASSO : picasso-max-jacob-1
PICASSO : picasso-famille-poster
PICASSO : picasso-famille-lithograph
PICASSO : picasso-portrait-lithograph
PICASSO : picasso-linocut-63
PICASSO : picasso-linocut-64
PICASSO : picasso-linocut-57
PICASSO : Picasso-profil
PICASSO : femme, etching
PICASSO : picasso serie 156

PICASSO, short biography

1881 Birth in Malaga
1896 Holidays in Malaga. Picasso paints landscapes and bullfights
1897 Picasso triumphantly passes the entrance exam to San Fernando academy
1899 He meets Jaime Sabartès and Casagemas
1900 The “Els Quatre Gats” café shows his work
1901 He leaves for Paris, Picasso shows at the Vollard gallery. Picasso meets Max Jacob the Poet. Beginning of his Blue Period.
1903 Picasso returns to Barcelona.
1904 Back in Paris, Picasso settles in the Bateau-Lavoir. Beginning of the Pink Period. He meets Guillaume Apollinaire and André Salmon.
1906 Gertrude Stein introduces him to Matisse. Vollard buys most pf the Pink paintings
1907 He starts work on the Demoiselles d’Avignon. Kahnweiler visits the Bateau-Lavoir for the first time. Braque calls on Picasso.
1911 Picasso goes to Céret. A room of cubist paining is shown at the Salon d’Automne.
1912 First collages and assemblages. Picasso under contract with Kahnweiler.
1914 He makes his first engravings ; he illustrate two books by Max Jacob, “Le siege de Jérusalem” with three etchings, and 2 years later, “Le cornet à dès”, with one burin engraving.
1918 Picasso-Matisse show at the Paul Guillaume gallery, Picasso marries Olga.
1920 He makes his first lithographs.
1921 Birth of Paulo
1922 Picasso spends the summer in Dinard
1923 Spends summer in the Cap d’Antibes
1924 spends summer in Juan-Les-Pins
1925 Picasso takes part in the first surrealist show at the Pierre gallery.
1927 He meets Marie-Thérèse Walter.
1931 Publication of two major books : Ovid’s “Metamorphoses” with thirty etchings, and Balzac’s “Le chef d’Oeuvres Inconnu” with thirteen etchings. Picasso illustrated over 150 books in all, among which are some of the masterpieces of the twentieth century : Reverdy’s “Le chant des Morts” with 125 lithographs, “ La Célestine” with 66 etchings and aquatints, twenty poems by Gongora with 41 etchings and aquatints, Buffon’s “Histoire Naturelle” with 31 aquatints, “Tauromachia” with 27 etchings and aquatints, etc.
1934 Paintings, drawings and engravings in the Bullfight series.
1935 Show of papier-collés at the Pierre Gallery. Makes the Minotauromachy engravings. Birth of Maya, Picasso’s daughter with Marie-Thérèse.
1937 He paints the Guernica fresco for the Spanish pavilion at the Paris World Fair.
1941 Picasso write the surrealist play “Le désir attrapé par la Queue”, published in 1944.
1943 He makes the “Sheperd with lamb” sculpture. Picasso meets Françoise Gilot.
1944 He joins the French communist Party. He shows 80 works at the Salon d’Automne
1945 Picasso begins his regular output of lithographs at Mourlot’s. Between 1945 and 1950, Picasso produced over 200 lithographs, among them some of the masterpieces of his time : The “Woman in Armchair” sense, the “David and Bathsheba” series, and in 1957, the Jacqueline’s profile series.
1946 He starts work at the Chateau d’Antibes .
1947 Birth of Claude. Picasso starts his ceramic work in Vallauris.
1949 Birth of Paloma.
1954 Picasso meets Jacqueline Roque. In December, he starts the variations on Delacroix’s “Women of Algiers”
1955 He settles in the Villa “La Californie” near Cannes.
1957 Picasso starts work on the “Meninas” of Velasquez.
1959 First drawings based on “Manet’s “Déjeuner sur l’herbe”.
1961 Wedding of Picasso and Jacqueline of Vallauris.
1966 Big comprehensive show at the Grand Palais and Petit Palais in Paris.
1970 The works owned by the Picasso family are donated to the Picasso Museum in Barcelona.
1973 Death of Picasso on the 8th of April.
1973 The Louise Leiris Gallery shows the 156 engravings de made between the end of 1970 to March 1972.

Picasso, references catalogues

Picasso peintre graveur Picasso peintre graveur
Many catalogues referenced the prints of Pablo Picasso, here are the most important :
- Picasso lithographe, in 4 volumes, catalogues and descriptions established by Fernand Mourlot which referenced all the original lithographs. These 4 books are in limited edition and contained all some original lithographs. André Sauret Publisher.
- In 6 volumes, Picasso peintre - graveur, (here n° IV reproduced), for all the engravings of the artist, etchings, aquatints, dry points, but also linocut and monotypes. Catalogues made by Brigitte Baer, Kornfeld publisher.
- Pablo Picasso, Plakate 1923 - 1973 This catalogue referenced all the posters realized by Picasso, originals or not. Catalogue made by Christoph Czwiklitzer, Deutcher Taschenbuch Publisher.
- Pablo Picasso, les livres illustrés , list of all the illustrated books by Picasso with lithographs, etchings -engravings, aquatints, dry points-, woodcuts or linocuts. 156 books are here reproduced and described. Patrick Cramer Publisher.
- Then, for the ceramics, the catalogue de l'oeuvre céramique édité , made by Alain Ramié, Galerie Madoura publisher, Vallauris.

PICASSO Verbatim

"Never permit a dichotomy to rule your life, a dichotomy in which you hate what you do so you can have pleasure in your spare time. Look for a situation in which your work will give you as much happiness as your spare time".
Quote of Pablo Picasso.

Prints already sold by PICASSO

PICASSO : picasso-visage-tourmente
PICASSO : picasso-ramie-catalogue
PICASSO : picasso-ceramic
PICASSO : picasso-picador-ceramic
PICASSO : picasso-vase-ceramic
PICASSO : ceramic-picasso-visage
PICASSO : picasso-motif-ceramic
PICASSO : visage-picasso-ceramic
PICASSO : picasso-toros-1959
PICASSO : picasso-bird-ceramic
PICASSO : picasso-diurnes-book
PICASSO : picasso-vallauris-61
PICASSO : picasso-vallauris-59
PICASSO : picasso-vallauris-58
PICASSO : picasso-vallauris-56
PICASSO : picasso-linocut-1960
PICASSO : picasso-carnaval-linocut
PICASSO : Picasso-hommage-book
PICASSO : picasso-cromelynck-etching
PICASSO : picasso-chronique-3
PICASSO : picasso-chronique-2
PICASSO : picasso-chronique-1
PICASSO : picasso-max-jacob
PICASSO : picasso-la-celestine
PICASSO : picasso-picador
PICASSO : picasso-diaule
PICASSO : poisson-ceramic
PICASSO : picasso-corrida
PICASSO : picasso-visage-ceramic
PICASSO : picasso-oiseau
PICASSO : petit-visage-ceramic
PICASSO : visage de face, ceramic
PICASSO : joueur de flute ceramic
PICASSO : verve 25 26
PICASSO : taureau ceramic
PICASSO : hibou, ceramic
PICASSO : picasso, deux danseurs
PICASSO : quatre profils enlaces
PICASSO : joueur de diaule, ceramic
PICASSO : joie maternelle etching
PICASSO : visage-lithograph
PICASSO : picasso expo vallauris 51
PICASSO : vallauris 64
PICASSO : picasso vallauris 57 poster
PICASSO : vallauris 55, linocut
PICASSO : verre, ceramic
PICASSO : picador, print
PICASSO : tauromachie, ceramic
PICASSO : tauromachie, etching
PICASSO : nature-morte, etching
PICASSO : verre et compotier,  etching
PICASSO : Bethsabee, aquatint
PICASSO : hommage-a-lacouriere
PICASSO : metamorphoses, etchings
PICASSO : sable mouvant 3
PICASSO : sable mouvant 2, print
PICASSO : sable mouvant 1, etching
PICASSO : El Greco, etching
PICASSO : le viol, print vollard
PICASSO : picasso vallauris 57 linocut
PICASSO : picasso vallauris 61 linocut
PICASSO : vase au bouquet, ceramic
PICASSO : Tete de taureau, ceramic
PICASSO : Antonio Machado, poster
PICASSO : collages, poster
PICASSO : visage noir - ceramic
PICASSO : Un poeme, etching
PICASSO : Vallauris 56, linocut
PICASSO : Vallauris 52, poster
PICASSO : Sculpteur, modele
PICASSO : Vallauris 1960, linocut
PICASSO : Toros en Vallauris, linocut
PICASSO : Picasso / Villers, Diurnes, 1962
PICASSO : Visage aux traits en X, ceramic
PICASSO : Rapt, etching

Picasso, bibliography and exhibition catalogues

- Picasso avec Picasso. Very nice book comprising more than 200 photographs of Picasso realized by his friend, the famous photograph Edward Quinn, this friendship had made possible for the photograph to follow Picasso in his ordinary life during many years since they meet each other in Vallauris in the beginning of the year 50.The book had been published at 300 copies only, all comprising a lithograph of Picasso printed in the workshop of Franck Bordas in Paris.

- Les archives de Picasso. Catalogue of a exhibition Picasso at the Picasso Museum of Paris in 2003 - 2004 devoted to the personal records of the artist, that mean all the documents that Picasso kept. The book, impassioning from beginning to end, is composed of 3 distinct parts : First chapter "Picasso intimates" which shows files that Picasso produced himself and who determine his everyday life, one finds there drawings, tickets of bullfights, circus, cinema, crib, hotel bills etc. The second part, most important, called the "circle of Picasso" indexes the letters received by Picasso (and preserved by him) of his friends where one finds Cocteau, Breton, Eluard, Césaire, Prévert, Bataille, Fautrier, Miro, Dali etc. Picasso preserved thus more than 20000 letters. The last part, "Picasso and the others" index the letters and postcards that Picasso received from anonymous, which send to Picasso their homages, their petitions, their judgments or their admirations. While declaring in a newspaper in 1960, "I would like to be poor", the artist thus starts an outcry at a number of people who write to him, often in a very virulent way... For its eightieth birthday in 1961, artistic and media event, Picasso received 751 letters of anonymous wishing to join this celebration. "We are what we keep". It is in any case a different and original way to approach the artist and his work by showing the traces of its life, its artistic, political and intellectual advance, its impact on the others and its glory. Text of Laurence Madeline.

- Picasso, voyage dans l'amitié. Catalogue of an important exhibition Picasso in the Malmaison Museum in Cannes (exhibition made by Frederic Ballester) about Picasso and his friends, known or not. The catalogue show many photos but also paintings, drawings and prints.

- Picasso, papiers collés. Catalogue of an exhibition Picasso in the Museum Picasso in Paris in 1998, devoted to papiers collés. 20 works was there exhibited, all realized between 1912 and 1914. Let us recall that Picasso had created its first papier collés in 1912, two months after the birth of the first one, created by Georges Braque.

- Picasso. Published by la Bibliothèques des Arts in the collection "Les maîtres de la gravure", this book is devoted only to the prints of Picasso. More than 200 lithographs of etchings are here reproduced. Foreword of Roger Passeron and complete glossary of techniques of prints.

You can also find some important catalogues of exhibition of Pablo Picasso while clicking on certain images of prints for sale or already sold.
Picasso avec Picasso
Les archives de Picasso
Picasso, voyage dans l'amitié
Picasso, papiers collés
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