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MUSIC, prints, lithograhs, etchings  
Here are the prints (etchings and aquatints or lithographs) by Zoran Music that are presently for sale. Click on the image to enlarge it. Unless otherwise specified all the prints shown on this page are signed by Zoran Music and are original.

Prints available by MUSIC

MUSIC : music-prières-bbok
MUSIC : zoran-music-rocheux
MUSIC : music-terre-etching
MUSIC : music-zoran-derniers
MUSIC : zoran-music-derniers
MUSIC : music-dolomites-etching
MUSIC : giudecca-music
MUSIC : music-cortina-pastel
MUSIC : music-ida-lithograph
MUSIC : music-etching-chioggia
MUSIC : music-chioggia-etchings
MUSIC : rochers-music-landscape
MUSIC : music-port-etching
MUSIC : music-print-last
MUSIC : music-derniers-print
MUSIC : derniers-music-zoran
MUSIC : last-zoran-music
MUSIC : music-not-last
MUSIC : etching-music-zoran
MUSIC : music-giudecca-etching
MUSIC : paysage-rocheux-music
MUSIC : music-paysage-ombrien
MUSIC : motif-dalmate-music
MUSIC : istrie-music-etching
MUSIC : vegetal-music-etching
MUSIC : music-approches-book
MUSIC : etching-music
MUSIC : music-motif-vegetal
MUSIC : etching-music-derniers
MUSIC : music-senese-etching
MUSIC : music-siennois-etching
MUSIC : music-derniers-etching
MUSIC : music-catalogue-schmucking
MUSIC : music-motif-dalmate
MUSIC : cavallini-music-etching
MUSIC : cavallini-zoran-music
MUSIC : Zoran-music-cavallini
MUSIC : carsico-etching-music
MUSIC : paysage-music-etching
MUSIC : music-book-schmucking
MUSIC : etching-music-terre
MUSIC : music-paysage-etching
MUSIC : terre-dalmate-music
MUSIC : music-terre-book
MUSIC : music-giudecca-etchings
MUSIC : music-lithograph-cadastre
MUSIC : music-cadavres-lithograph
MUSIC : music-lieu-etching
MUSIC : music-dalmate-terre
MUSIC : music-terre-dalmate
MUSIC : music-istrie-etching
MUSIC : music-carse-etching
MUSIC : music-terre-etching
MUSIC : music-solier-lithograph
MUSIC : music-cadastre-lithograph
MUSIC : giudecca 6
MUSIC : giudecca 5
MUSIC : giudecca 4
MUSIC : giudecca 3
MUSIC : giudecca 2
MUSIC : giudecca 1
MUSIC : terres dalmates, print
MUSIC : paesaggio roccioso
MUSIC : Motif vegetal, etching
MUSIC : Terres dalmates 59, engraving

MUSIC, short biography

Anton Zoran Music was born in 1909 in Bukovica, a village near Gorizia, which at the time was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire. After studies in Maribor, he enrolled at the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts. He began to draw the landscapes of Dalmatia, where he settled after a long tour of Spain. Zoran Music held his first shows in 1941 in Zagreb and Llubljana. He made his first trip in Venice in 1943, then showed in Trieste and at the Piccola Galleria in Venice, where De Pisis wrote the foreword of the catalogue. In 1944, Music was charged with collaboration with anti-german groups in Trieste and arrested by the gestapo. In Dachau where he was deported, he made drawings of the horrors he witnessed and himself lived through. The U.S. army liberated the camp in 1945 ; a sick man, Music, settled in Venice. There he painted his first self-portraits and his first horses, and made watercolours of the Zattere and of St Mark's. In 1948, Music showed at the Venice biennale for the first time, and met Kokoschka, Tobey and Campigli, becoming a friend of the latter. In 1949, Music made his first dry-points, which he printed himself on the presses of the Academia. In 1952 he showed at the Galerie de France in Paris, and in New York a year later. In 1955, he made his first etchings in the Lacourière workshop, an activity he regularly pursued from then on. He was awarded the Venice Biennale Graphic Art Prize in 1956. In 1959 Music settled in Paris, in the studio which had belonged to his friend Leon Gischia. In the early sixties, Music spend every summer in Cortina to draw and paint. In 1962, Rolf Schmücking published the first complete catalogue of Music's graphic output from 1947 to 1961. Basle museum bought 26 of his drawings, of which 10 dating from 1945, the Dachau period. In 1970 he began to paint the "we are not the last" series on the concentration camp theme, which was shown at the Galerie de France, Munich and Brussels. In 1972, Music made drawings of cork-oaks in the Maures Forest in Southern France (the plant motif series). The same year, the Paris Museum of Modern Art held his first big exhibition retrospective show. Between 1976 and 1980, Music made drawings in Fontainebleau forest and in the Dolomites (the rock-landscapes period). Shows of his work were held in Darmstat, Basle, Oslo. In the early eighties Music painted the "canale della Guidecca" series, and the "inside of cathedrals" series. In 1990, the Kunstlerhaus in Klagenfurt showed the works belonging to the Music Foundation, established by the city concil. Numerous Music shows were held in the years that followed : Basle, Geneva, Antibes, Milan, Venice etc. Zoran Music died in may 2005.
Thanks to Zupan Gojko (Ljubljana) for important information.

Zoran Music, reference catalogue

Music, das graphische Werk 1947 - 1981 Music, das graphische Werk 1947 - 1981
Music, das graphische Werk 1947 - 1981, This catalogue not so complete is today the only reference catalogue for the graphic works of Zoran Music. Published by Schmücking in 1986, it reproduced and described about 250 prints of the artist, lithographs, etchings or illustrated books. Edition of the catalogue at 500 copies, the first 100 contained two original etchings signed by Zoran Music.

Prints already sold by MUSIC

MUSIC : schmucking-music-livre
MUSIC : music-rocheux-etching
MUSIC : music-dolomite-etching
MUSIC : music-paysannes-etching
MUSIC : music-voeux-etching
MUSIC : music-femmes-etching
MUSIC : music-vegetal-etching
MUSIC : music-trees-book
MUSIC : music-schmucking-book
MUSIC : music-adriatique-etching
MUSIC : music-barques-gravure
MUSIC : music-rochers-etching
MUSIC : femmes-music-lithograph
MUSIC : music-bac-lithograph
MUSIC : music-filets-etching
MUSIC : music-paysage-lithograph
MUSIC : music-nudino-lithograph
MUSIC : music-fische-lithograph
MUSIC : cavallini-music
MUSIC : music-horses-lithograph
MUSIC : music-etching-dalmate
MUSIC : music-carsico-etching
MUSIC : music-dalmate-etching
MUSIC : music-motif-etching
MUSIC : cavallini-music-lithograph
MUSIC : music-prieres-etching
MUSIC : music-spielende-lithograph
MUSIC : music-pic
MUSIC : Music-femmes
MUSIC : music-cavallini
MUSIC : music-cavallino
MUSIC : paysage rocheux gouache
MUSIC : motivo carsico, engraving
MUSIC : filets, original etching
MUSIC : traghetto, print
MUSIC : music cavallini print
MUSIC : ombre, print
MUSIC : arbre, print
MUSIC : motif-vegetal, print
MUSIC : cavallini
MUSIC : ritratto, print
MUSIC : donne asinelli, print
MUSIC : cavallini, lithograph
MUSIC : filets, print
MUSIC : paesaggio senese, print
MUSIC : Terres dalmates, etching
MUSIC : Chioggia, etching signed
MUSIC : motif dalmate, etching
MUSIC : les filets, original etching
MUSIC : jardins, engraving
MUSIC : femme dalmate, etching
MUSIC : Chioggia, etching
MUSIC : Paesaggio Senese, etching
MUSIC : profile, etching
MUSIC : interieur, etching
MUSIC : venice, etching
MUSIC : Terre d'Istrie, 1959, etching
MUSIC : Terre-dalmate , 1959, etching
MUSIC : Paysage, 1956
MUSIC : paysage 1973, etching
MUSIC : ida, 1950, lithograph
MUSIC : Terres adriatiques

Zoran Music, Bibliography and some catalogue of exhibition.

Zoran Music. Catalogue of the retrospective Zoran Music in the Museum Jenisch in Vevey in Switzeland in 1986. This museum has an important collection of works of Music. Many nice paintings of the year 50 are reproduced in this catalogue, as well as several others paintings, gouaches or drawings. Important Biography by the artist.

Grafiche di Zoran Music. Small catalogue published for an exhibition Zoran Music in the art gallery "Prova d'Artista" in Venice in 1991, exhibition devoted to the prints of Music. Text by Yves Peyré and edition of this small catalogue at 200 copies numbered.

Zoran Music. Catalogue of an exhibition Zoran Music in the art gallery Prova d'Artista in Venice in 2004. More than 100 prints, lithographs and etchings are here reproduced and described, including several prints which are not appears in the reference catalogue Schmücking. Edition of the catalogue at 1000 copies.

Zoran Music incisioni. Catalogue of a exhibition Zoran Music devoted to the etchings of the artist in the art gallery Contini in Venice in 1991. About 60 prints are here reproduced from engravings of the end of the 40's to aquatints from the begining of the 80's.

Zoran Music. Catalogue of an exhibition Zoran Music in the Claude Bernard gallery in Paris in 1983. Several reproductions of paintings, text from André Chastel "Letter to Zoran Music".

You can also find some important catalogues of exhibition of Zoran Music while clicking on certain images of prints for sale or already sold.
Zoran Music
Grafiche di Zoran Music
Zoran Music
Zoran Music incisioni
Zoran Music
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