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Here are the original prints handsigned (lithographs) by Massimo Campigli that are presently for sale. Click on the image to enlarge it. Unless otherwise specified all the prints shown on this page are signed by Campigli and are original.

Prints available by CAMPIGLI

CAMPIGLI : due-figure-campigli
CAMPIGLI : campigli-monotype
CAMPIGLI : campigli-gide-thesee
CAMPIGLI : campigli-serata-lithograph
CAMPIGLI : campigli-due-donne
CAMPIGLI : campigli-theseus-book
CAMPIGLI : campigli-danze-lithograph
CAMPIGLI : campigli-lithograph-saffo
CAMPIGLI : campigli-aveuglette-book
CAMPIGLI : campigli-donne-lithograph
CAMPIGLI : campigli-passeggiata
CAMPIGLI : Figure, etching
CAMPIGLI : Figura in un ovale, lithograph
CAMPIGLI : Sette donne, lithograph
CAMPIGLI : A Giuditta, lithograph

CAMPIGLI, short biography

Massimo Campigli was born in Berlin in 1895. His mother was a berliner but his father unknown, and she moved to Florence to avoid scandal. He later changed his name from Max Ihlenfeld to Massimo Campigli, asking for Italian nationality, which was granted him. From 1919 to 1927, Campigli was Corriere della Sera correspondent in Paris, doing his painting at night. First influenced by cubism, he then became interested in the works of Chirico. Campigli very rapidly won acclaim, and had exhibitions in Rome, New-York, Venice and of course Paris, where the Jeanne Bucher gallery showed his painting. He settled in Saint Tropez in 1949 ; the Palazzo Reale in Milan held a big retrospective show of his work in 1967. Campigli has written a sour-sweet text about his art called "Scrupoli", describing the difficulty he has in acknowledging and liking his own work : "I'm not in good terms with my painting... my pictures somehow have a whiff of museums about them -it's my worse weakness...In fact, I only paint prisoners... those women always carefully locked up by twos in tiny rooms, linked by the thread they sew with, the necklaces they exchange... and those little looms within which I confine my weavers ? they're prison cells, or museums showcases."
Campigli always showed interest in prints, aminly lithography, he illustrated several texts, such as Jean Paulhan's "La Ruche" in 1952, for which he made ten lithographs. Massimo Campigli died in St-Tropez in 1971. His works feature in the world's leading museums and collections.

Massimo Campigli, reference catalogue

Campigli, catalogo ragionato dell'opera graphica Campigli, catalogo ragionato dell'opera graphica
For this artist Campigli, catalogo ragionato dell'opera graphica referenced all the original prints of Campigli (lithographs, etchings and illustrated books) realized and published between 1930 and 1969. Graphis Arte, Guastalla, Livourne publisher.

Prints already sold by CAMPIGLI

CAMPIGLI : campigli-donne-monotype
CAMPIGLI : campigli-sorelle-lithograph
CAMPIGLI : campigli-idolo-lithograph
CAMPIGLI : campigli-scalinata-lithograph
CAMPIGLI : campigli-teatro-lithograph
CAMPIGLI : campigli-telaio-lithograph
CAMPIGLI : campigli-passeggiatrici-lithograph
CAMPIGLI : campigli-bagnanti-lithograph
CAMPIGLI : campigli-donna-lithograph
CAMPIGLI : campigli-finestre-lithograph
CAMPIGLI : campigli-donne
CAMPIGLI : il milione, book
CAMPIGLI : dama bianca, lithograph
CAMPIGLI : la dama blue, lithograph
CAMPIGLI : quattro teste, lithograph
CAMPIGLI : Folla di donne, lithograph
CAMPIGLI : Donne a Ischia, lithograph
CAMPIGLI : Donne al tavolino, litho

Massimo Campigli, bibliographical references and some exhibitions catalogues.

Les idoles de Campigli. Catalogue of an exhibition Massimo Campigli in the Galerie de France in 1961. About 20 paintings of Campigli are here reproduced. Edition of this catalogue at 1500 copies numbered. Text of André Chastel.

Campigli. Catalogue of an exhibition Massimo Campigli at the famous art gallery del Cavallino (whose director was Carlo Cardazzo) in 1958 in the occasion of the XXIX biennale of Venice. Text from Umbro Apollonio. 10 very nice paintings of Campigli from the years 50 are here reproduced in colors.

Campigli. Catalogue of a very complete exhibition Campigli in the gallery Tega in Milano. About 30 paintings of Campigli are here reproduced. Introduction of Nicola Campigli (the artist son), texts from André Chastel and Maurice Raynal.

Campigli. Very rare catalogue of an ehibition devoted to Campigli in the Gallery del Cavallino in 1945, text from Raffaele Carrieri. Eiditon of the catalogue at 1200 copies. About 100 works are here reproduced, drawings and paintings. All the interest of this book is the date : we can discover paintings from 1928 to 1945. At this period Campigli made very nice portraits of his wife Giuditta.

Campigli. Very nice book devoted to Campigli, 1957, where is reproduced the famous text of the artist "scrupoli" which help us to understand better the painting of campigli. Foreword by Jean cassou who insist on the fact that Campigli is one of the most important painter of the XX century.

You can also find some important catalogues of exhibition of Massimo Campigli while clicking on certain images of prints for sale or already sold.
Les idoles de Campigli
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