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Here are the prints (lithographs, etchings or engravings, illustrated books) by Marc Chagall that are presently for sale. Click on the image to enlarge it. Unless otherwise specified all the prints shown on this page are signed by Marc Chagall and are original.

Prints available by CHAGALL

CHAGALL : chagall-poemes-woodcut
CHAGALL : chagall-bible-book
CHAGALL : chagall-musiciens-lithograph
CHAGALL : chagall-couple-lithograph
CHAGALL : woodcut-marc-chagall
CHAGALL : chagall-woodcut
CHAGALL : chagall-painter-linocut
CHAGALL : chagall-linocut-painter
CHAGALL : chagall-atelier-linocut
CHAGALL : chagall-linocut
CHAGALL : chagall-tour-etching
CHAGALL : chagall-lithograph-fleurs
CHAGALL : chagall-woodcut-david
CHAGALL : chagall-david-woodcut
CHAGALL : chagall-jour-woodcut
CHAGALL : chagall-lovers-linocut
CHAGALL : chagall-couple-etching
CHAGALL : chagall-noir-lithograph
CHAGALL : chagall-malraux-book
CHAGALL : chagall-peintre-lithograph
CHAGALL : Chagall-paysage-lithograph
CHAGALL : chagall-dame-lithograph
CHAGALL : chagall-mourlot-book
CHAGALL : chagall-atelier-book
CHAGALL : Chagall-tree-lithograph
CHAGALL : chagall-vierge-lithograph
CHAGALL : chagall-table-lithograph
CHAGALL : chagall-bouquet-lithograph
CHAGALL : chagall, derrière le miroir
CHAGALL : cirque-etching
CHAGALL : peintre, etching
CHAGALL : ange, etching
CHAGALL : tete, etching
CHAGALL : le repas, etching
CHAGALL : retour, etching
CHAGALL : sur la terre 2, etching
CHAGALL : sur la terre, etching
CHAGALL : Le faisan, lithograph
CHAGALL : derriere le miroir  225, lithographs
CHAGALL : Les quatre saisons, litho

CHAGALL, short biography

Marc Chagall was born in Vitebsk in 1887, one of the nine children of a poor Jewish family. In 1907 he enrolled at the Imperial School of the Encouragement of the Arts at Saint Petersburg, then at Leon Bakst's Swanseva School, where he discovered Cézanne, Gauguin, Van Gogh.

In Paris in 1910, Chagall met Max Jacob, Guillaume Apollinaire, Modigliani. His first exhibition was held in Berlin in 1914 ; the same year Chagall showed at the Salon des Indépendants and Salon d'Automne in Paris. Upon returning to Russia in 1915, Chagall married Bella Rosenfeld, his daughter Ida bing born a year later. In 1918, Chagall was named commissary of art of Vitebsk, and in 1919 founded an academy were Pougny, Lissitsky and Malevitch worked. But the latter two and Chagall failed to get on, and Chagall lost his post. Settling in Moscow, Chagall designed costumes, stage sets and curtains, and painted murals for the Yiddish Theatre. In 1920 he began writting "my life", published in France in 1931.

In 1922 Chagall is contacted by Vollard for a book-illustration project. He thus made 96 prints (both etchings and aquatints) for Gogol's "The dead souls" and 100 etchings for La Fontaine's Fables. For a further Vollard commission, the Bible, published by Tériade, Chagall made 105 prints (etchings) and travelled to Palestine, Syria and Egypt. In 1926, two important shows of Chagall's work were held in Belgium and New-York.
In 1941, the rise antisemitism made Chagall move to New-York with his family ; in 1944 his wife Bella died. Chagall designed the stage costumesand scenery for Stravinsky 's Firebird in 1945. After 2 retrospective shows in New-York and Chicago, Chagall moved back to France in 1948, settling in Provence where Chagall married Valentine Brodsky (Vava). Extending his creative activity, Chagall made ceramics, sculptures, and stained-glass (for Metz Cathedrale). Continuing his book illustrating, Chagall made 42 prints (lithographs) for Daphnis and Chloë, published by Tériade in 1961, and 38 original lithographs in colours for the Cirque in 1967. Among the illustrated book of Chagall, there are also Celui qui dit les choses sans rien dire, or the book SONGES, Chagall illustrated also books with others artists such as Paroles Peintes with also engravings by artist as Braque, Tapiès, Chillida, etc.

His average yearly output of prints (especially lithographs) ranged from 15 to 20 ! They number in all well over one thousand. The most important of them are for example the lithograph Notre Dame en gris, Les mariés dans l'atelier lithograph. Made Chagall made also posters, the most famous are Nice, soleil et fleurs, poster, The poster for the Metropolitan Opera or the poster 4 seasons.

In 1963, Chagall painted the ceiling of the Paris Opera ; the Musée National du Message Biblique in Nice opened in 1973. Numerous retrospective shows of his work were held world-wide, including The Louvre in 1977. Chagall died in St Paul de Vence in 1985 aged 98, and two years later, for the first time, the Pouchkine Museum held an exhibition spanning his career.

Marc Chagall, references catalogues

Marc Chagall, catalogue raisonné de l'oeuvre gravé Marc Chagall, catalogue raisonné de l'oeuvre gravé
- Chagall lithographe, in 6 volumes for all the original lithographs of the artist ; these catalogues established by Fernand Mourlot and Charles Sorlier are in limited edition and contained original lithographs from Chagall. There is a new edition, in one volume : Marc Chagall, The lithographs, published by Hatje which describe and reproduce also the lithographs of the artist. The references in this catalogue are the same than these in the Chagall lithograph.
- Marc Chagall, l'oeuvre gravé (here reproduced) referenced all the engravings of the artist (woodcuts, atchings, aquatints, linocuts), realized between 1922 et 1966. Kornfeld publisher, total edition at 2600 copies, the first 100 with an original etching of Chagall.
- Originales or not, all the poster realized by Chagall are in the book Les affiches de Marc Chagall from Charles Sorlier, Draeger publisher.
- Then, Chagall, les livres illustrés referenced all the books, catalogues, album comprising original lithographs, etchings, engravings, woodcuts, linocuts from the artist.

CHAGALL Verbatim

"When I am finishing a picture, I hold some God-made object up to it - a rock, a flower, the branch of a tree or my hand - as a final test. If the painting stands up beside a thing man cannot make, the painting is authentic. If there's a clash between the two, it's bad art".
Quote of Marc Chagall.

Prints already sold by CHAGALL

CHAGALL : chagall-poesie-book
CHAGALL : woodcut-chagall
CHAGALL : chagall-ile-lithograph
CHAGALL : chagall-amoureux-etching
CHAGALL : chagall-fleurs-lithograph
CHAGALL : chagall-paris-poster
CHAGALL : chagall-maries-lithograph
CHAGALL : chagall-metropolitan-lithograph
CHAGALL : chagall_dlm_198_deluxe
CHAGALL : chagall-dlm-182-deluxe
CHAGALL : chagall-romeo-poster
CHAGALL : chagall, dlm 198
CHAGALL : chagall-dlm-198-deluxe
CHAGALL : dlm 246 chagall
CHAGALL : chagall-monumental
CHAGALL : chagall-clarte
CHAGALL : grenade, etchings
CHAGALL : couple, etching
CHAGALL : dead soul, print
CHAGALL : DLM Chagall 147, deluxe
CHAGALL : Couverture de menu
CHAGALL : Derriere le miroir  99 - 100
CHAGALL : derriere le miroir  235, lithographs
CHAGALL : Le chasseur d'autographes
CHAGALL : Nime, engraving
CHAGALL : La baie des anges, litho
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