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BARCELO : Barcelo Miquel, poster
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Poster for an exhibition Miquel Barcelo in the Gallery "Pièce Unique" in Paris in 1992. Proof signed, dated and dedicated to Lucio Amelio, owner of the gallery. This Gallery has shown many exhibitions of Barcelo.
Size of the poster : 60 X 40 cm
Probably small edition. Rare.
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BARCELO : barcelo ceret, poster
Poster that Barcelo realized for a bullfight at Céret in 2004. Poster printed on a strong paper from an edition at 300 copies. (it exist also an edition on an ordinary paper).
Size of the poster : 68 X 45 cm
Very good condition.
This poster of Miquel Barcelo is also available in a larger size 173 X 85 cm. The edition of this large poster is also 300 copies.

BARCELO : Lucio Amelio, poster Estampe Vendue
Original poster realized for an exhibition Barcelo in the Lucio Amelio Gallery in 1983.
Size of the poster : 68.5 X 47 cm
Good condition.

BARCELO : Porto Colom, poster Estampe Vendue
Poster of Miquel Barcelo, 1989, nice proof. Barcelo had realized this poster for an ecologistic movment in Mallorca.
Size of the poster : 70 X 48 cm
Very good condition.

One work, one book

Miquel Barcelo
Miquel Barcelo
Catalogue of an exhibition Miquel Barcelo at the Museum of Contemporary art of Nimes in 1991. It is the first great exhibition of Barcelo in France. A hundred works is reproduced, since the first paintings of the artist of the beginning of the Eighties: "Tinta, vino, lluvia", "L'amour fou", large painting realized in Majorque in 1985, then the series of the libraries, the boats, and the kitchens. Come then the very beautiful paintings by Barcelo in 1987, "Improvisacio", the large white paintings of 1988, the series of the glaciers of 1990, moreover rather close to the "Waves" that Barcelo realized then in 2001, then marvellous "the Rain seasons", tables cut with slicer. One finishes with great paintings of this period by the marvellous and incredible "the yellow Lake" of 1990, showing animals watering themselves, where we don't really know exactly if they are tiny insects or immense dromedaries. The rest of the catalogue reproduces small sizes paintings of Barcelo of 1991.
Very nice foreword by Herv Guibert, writer and friend of Miquel Barcelo. The exhibition has beed realized by Robert Calle. Edition of the catalogue at 1000 copies, the first 100 are signed by Miquel Barcelo.
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