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MISC, prints, lithograhs, etchings
MISC, prints, lithograhs, etchings You will find here some artists that the gallery usually don't have. This month, 1 book by Pierre Klossowki, Wifredo Lam, James Brown and original signed prints by Giuseppe Santomaso, David Hockney, Vieira da Silva and Jim Dine, original prints by Johnny Friedlaender, Kumi Sugai, David Hockney.

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MISC, short biography

Here you can find original artwoks, posters, lithographs, etchings and illustrated books by artists that the gallery usually don't have. Currently original prints and books by James Brown, Pierre Klossovski, Giuseppe Santomaso, Jim Dine, Johnny Friedlaender, Kumi Sugai, Paul Wunderlich, Vieira da Silva et Wifredo Lam. Also the complete album of L'AVANGUARDIA INTERNAZIONALE. 1. - L’AVANT-GARDE INTERNATIONALE. - THE INTERNATIONAL AVANT-GARDE. 1. Volume 1 from the Collection “Anthologie internationale de la gravure contemporaine“ made by Tristan Sauvage with original etchings by Fontana, Hayter, Baj, Bertini, Bryen, Corneille, Copley, Crippa, Hamaguchi, Tinguely etc.

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