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ROUAULT > Christ En Croix, 1936, Etching

ROUAULT : Christ en croix, 1936, etching
Etching and aquatint printed in colours on Montval paper, unsigned proof from an edition of 175 copies.
Size of paper : 78 X 57 cm
Size of coperplate : 65 X 48 cm
Ref: Chapon/Rouault, Vol. II, n° 286
Marks of handling in the margins but subject in good condition.
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One work, one book

Rouault, le livre des livres
Rouault, le livre des livres
Reference catalogue of the books illustrated by George Rouault. Written by Franois Chapon, this book thus recalls the course of Rouault illustrator, the book not having never ceased occupying a major place in the work of Rouault. Among the most known works, one can find the "Miserere", "Les Reincarnations du Pre Ubu", "Les fleurs du mal", 3 illustrated books with original engravings of Rouault in black and white. In 1938 and 1938, Rouault carries out two masterpieces : "Cirque de l'toile filante" and "Passion" of Suars, printed at Roger Lacourire workshop and illustrated with original etchings in colors. All the books of Rouault here are reproduced and described (Editions, editor, printer, paper, size etc.). Very beautiful foreword of Franois Chapon for whom "Rouault appears to us as one of the Masters of the modern book". Published by Andre Sauret in 1992.
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