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BARCELO : Desert, lithograph
This print is sold
Original lithograph varnish, 1990, proof on Japon Bunko-Shi paper, hand signed by Miquel Barcelo and numbered on 100 from an edition to 125 copies (100 + 25),
Printer : Item
Publisher : Portemanteaux Press, NY
Size : 49 X 33 cm (19 X 13 in)
Good condition
Barcelo realized this lithograph with 3 others to illustrate a book of Paul Bowles. The whole portfolio is for sale, containing 4 original lithographs signed and numbered.
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Miquel Barcelo, Il Cristo della Vucciria
Miquel Barcelo, Il Cristo della Vucciria
Very beautiful book devoted to an exhibition of Miquel Barcelo in a deconsacrated church of Palermo in 1998. (Santa Eulalia dei Catalani). Barcelo in fact made his workshop in the church a few months before the exhibition. Many ceramics was shown as well as surprising paintings mixing animal crucifixions with that of Christ. Barcelo draws sometimes on the walls of the church, craniums of animals, fruits. A part of the notebooks of Palermo is also reproduced. Many photographs of the artist. Text of Roberto Ando. Charta publisher.
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