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ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-merveilleux-etching
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"Le merveilleux"
Illutrated book by Pierre Alechinsky, 1992, text from Pierre Mabille. With in frontispice one original etching in colors signed from an edition at 75 copies.
Printer : Atelier Dutrou.
Size of the book : 23 X 15 cm.
Very good condition.
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ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-extraits-etching Estampe Vendue
"Extraits pour traits".
Illustrated book by Pierre Alechinsky, 1989, texts of several writters and poets (Max Loreau, Jacques Dupin, Jean-François Revel, Jacques Sicard etc.), comprising one original signed etching from Pierre Alechinsky printed on china paper, from an edition at 40 copies.
Publisher : Gallilée.
Size of the book and the etching : 24 X 18 cm.
Very good condition.

ALECHINSKY : alechinsky-tarbes-etching Estampe Vendue
"Notes sur les fleurs de Tarbes"
Illustrated book by Pierre Alechinsky, text by Jean Paulhan, 2005, comprising in frontispice one original etching in colors signed by Alechinsky ("il est défendu etc." means "it is forbidden etc." referring to the text of Jean Paulhan : "It is forbidden to enter the garden without flowers in the hand"). Edition of the book at 90 copies.
Printer : Dutrou.
Publisher : Fata Morgana.
Size of the book : 30 X 22 cm.
Very good condition.

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