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HAYTER : hayter-falling-etching
"Falling figure".
Engraving, soft ground etching and scorper, 5 silkscreens printed in colours, 1947. Very nice proof printed on Kochi paper, signed, titled and numbered from an edition at 50 copies.
Size of the paper : 65 X 50 cm.
Size of the etching : 45 X 38 cm.
Printer : Hayter.
References catalogue Moorhead "The prints of Hayter" numéro 178.
Marks of handling in the paper, the copperplate is not well centered in the paper. Subject is in good condition.

Desirée Moorhead wrote about Falling Fugure by Hayter : "Falling figure, made in 1947 in New York, has sometimes been criticized as being unclear and overburdened with colours, but this is precisely where its interest lies. Appart from the black intaglio, five surface colours were applied through silkscreens on to the plate, Hayter's desire being to experiment with a highly saturated field of overlapping colour. Teh idea was ambitious if not wholly successful, as on the print areas are visible where the viscosity of certain inks breaks down. Through the uneven edges of the screens it is possible to see the effects of green over blue, giving a dark petrol blue effect bordered by a straight blue, then a yellow over green and a black over blue area".
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HAYTER : hayter-night-etching
"Night and day" or "Day and night" or "Action in 2 fields".
Engraving, soft ground etching, scorper and 1 linoleum block, 1954, very nice proof printed on Lauriat paper, signed, titled and numbered from an edition at 50 copies.
Size of the paper : 70 X 55 cm
Size of the etching : 60 X 45 cm
Printer : Hayter et l'Atelier 17.
References catalogue Moorhead number 203, reproduced in colours.
Few marks of handling in the paper and small tears in the margins but the subject is in good condition.
Rare. One of the biggest and most important etching by Hayter. The limit of edition is 50. Numbers 1-15 had been printed by Hayter in 1955 on Lauriat paper, the rest of the edition were printed in 1972. (Here one the copies printed in 1955).

HAYTER : hayter-noyee-etching Estampe Vendue
Etching, engraving, soft ground etching and scorper printed in colours on Rives paper, 1955, hand signed by Hayter, titled, numbered from an edition of 175 copies.
Printer : Atelier 17
Publisher : Oeuvre gravé.
Size of copper plate : 48 X 36 cm
Size of paper : 65 X 50 cm
Références Catalogue Black and Moorhead number 222
Marks of handling in the margins, subject is in good condition, very brillant and deep proof.

"La noyée from 1955, a striking and sombre print, combines the imagery of the 1940s with the successful colour experimentation of the 1950s ; the bold and flowing treatment of the looped white lines is particularly successful" (Desiree Moorhead in the preface of the catalogue raisonne).

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