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TAPIES : tapies-vaisselle-etching
Original etching and aquatint with hand varnish, 1984, very nice proof printed on Arches paper signed and numbered from an edition at 65 copies. (50 + XV)
Printer: Joan Barbara, Barcelone.
Size of th etching : 56 X 76 cm.
References catalogue Galfetti "the prints of Tapiès" n° 959.
Very good condition.
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TAPIES : matiere et journal, etching Estampe Vendue
Original etching and aquatint in colours with embossing printed on a newspaper background, 1972. Very nice proof on a Chiffon de Mandeure paper, signed from an edition at 75 copies.
Size of paper : 90 X 65 cm
Size of the print : 75 X 53 cm
Printer and publisher : Maeght (Arte), Paris.
References catalogue Galfetti "The prints of Tapiès" n° 325.
Very good condition.
One of the most important print of Tapiès.

TAPIES : tapies-nourriture-book
"La nourriture du bourreau".
Illustrated book from Tapiès, 1983, text from André Frénaud, with an original etching signed from the artist. Edition of the book at 100 copies printed on a Moulin de Larroque paper.
Printer : Barbara, Barcelone.
Publisher : Bouchard.
Size of the book : 33 X 26 cm.
Size of the etching : 28 X 21 cm.
References catalogue Galfetti "The prints of Tapiès" n° 932.
Very good condition.

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