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BARCELO : taureau, lithograph
This print is sold
Original lithograph printed in 1990. Very nice proof printed on a tint paper, signed and numbered from an edition at 26 copies.
Size of the print : 100 X 65 cm
Very good condition.
This print (like all the others lithographs of Miquel Barcelo with tauromachia as topic) is referenced on the book "Toros", published by Bischofsberger in 1991.
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One work, one book

Miquel Barcelo
Miquel Barcelo
Catalogue of an exhibition Miquel Barcelo at the Grant Selwyn Gallery in New-York in spring 2000. About 30 works are reproduced, ceramics, paintings and works on paper. Foreword of Barcelo himself who write about his works in Africa : "It is not for the use of the holes made in my canvas and papers by termites that I paint here, nor is it for the patina of dust left on all my canvases as well as books, clothes etc. Nor is it for my models, for the people, the donkeys, the papapas. All that can be found elsewhere. Is there something here that can't be found anywhere else ? Not sure. Nor is it for the difficulties either. In Paris or New York, the difficulties are enormous and are the same. It is to make paintings, one painting that has meaning, that give a meaning to all that".
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